April Birchbox

This is a little late but..it’s Birchbox time!
  1. Weleda, Wild Rose Smoothing Lotion: A silky lotion that adds major hydration without feeling heavy. Organic rosehip oil is rich in antioxidants and vitamins A and E, which work to soften and protect skin. $28
  2. Zhena’s Gypsy Tea, Italian Chamomile: This caffeine-free herbal tea is zen in a cup. Chamomile is combined with organic hibiscus, lemon and vanilla for a smooth calming blend. $6.99
  3. Zoya, Nail Polish in Dove: Green is glam, especially when it comes to Zoya’s super glossy lacquers. This chic gray hue is your new spring go-to. $8
  4. Suki, Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser: This magical two-in-one turns into a zesty lather as soon as you add water and remedies dull skin and clogged pores with raw sugar, rice flour and organic lemongrass. $29.95
  5. LIV GRN, Natural Eau de Parfum: Made from biodegradable and sustainable ingredients, this scent is bright, grassy and laced with orange and neroli. Plus, ten percent of sales go directly to Global Green. $60
I’m really excited about getting a Zoya polish in my Birchbox because I love Zoya!
I’m looking forward to trying out the Weleda lotion and the Suki cleanser (picture below).

Smells strongly of lemongrass. I have a love/hate relationship with lemongrass in foods. 🙂

I probably will not keep up my Birchbox membership for much longer. It was fun while it lasted but I have way too many samples of random products.

♥ Tinna


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