Project 10 Pan – Can I do it?

For those who don’t know, Project 10 Pan (P10P) is a challenge to use up 10 of one’s makeup products before being allowed to purchase a new makeup item. “Pan” refers to “hitting pan” – when one has used up a powder makeup item to the point when the metal pan shows through.

I’m addicted to buying makeup and beauty products. This would be a good challenge for me but I love buying new makeup so much that I can’t commit to P10P yet. I’ve told myself plenty of times before – “no more buying makeup”..then the next day I see a review on a beauty blog and I find myself on that product’s website and clicking “Place Order” lol.

Can I do P10P? I need to think about it. I can’t publicly declare I’m going to participate in P10P then fail so I need to REALLY commit. I’m already anxious just thinking about how I can’t buy makeup. *shiver*

Has anyone successfully completed P10P?

♥ Tinna


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2 Responses to Project 10 Pan – Can I do it?

  1. A Little Petite says:

    I have always wanted to try project 10 pan..but i dont think i can do it just yet either! I really do need to stop buying makeup

  2. 1reddiva83 says:

    I am trying and i am writing a blog about it to. It seems hard but i am trying to stay away from all the websites, makeup reps and some of my friends.

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