Haul and First Impressions: Hard Candy Glamoflauge

This isn’t a full review..
I went to Wal-Mart to pick up Hard Candy Glamoflauge. I’ve been seeing it around on the beauty blogosphere and I was really interested in the concealer pen that comes with it. There were only 3 left, 1 “Light” and 2 “Tan” so I bought both “Light” and “Tan”. I’m going to pick up “Medium” whenever I can catch it in stock. 
In the store, I swatched “Tan” and rubbed it into the back of my hand. It was really creamy, very pigmented and not sticky. “Tan” wasn’t all that much darker than my skin (NC30). I think if I mix a tiny bit of “Light” with “Tan”, the color will work out okay. I still have to try it on my face.

Photo taken in bright sunlight

In the picture below, you can see that “Light” and “Tan” have different consistencies from each other, which worries me. I don’t know which one is the right consistency, if it’s supposed to be water-y like “Light” or creamy like “Tan”. My best guess is that “Tan” is how it should be.

Photo taken outside in natural light, no flash.

I’ve been wanting a concealer pencil to line the outside of my lips to clean the outline. “Light” is too light and “Tan” is too tan so I’ll have to wait to use the “Medium” pencil when I purchase it. I have read that people use the pencil to line their lower water line. I’ll definitely try that with the “Light” pencil.
I still have to test this concealer out on my face, under my eyes and on tattoos. I did a quick test to see how well the concealer would cover up a bright red scar I have on my knuckle. It covered well.

I’m pretty impressed at this product. It’s very pigmented and I love that it comes with a pencil.
Plus..this is only $6 at Wal-Mart! I have no qualms about purchasing all colors to try them out.


**Update 6/1/11 – I found that you can order “Tan” and “Medium” online at walmart.com and it’s free shipping! For some reason, “Light” isn’t available.**


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2 Responses to Haul and First Impressions: Hard Candy Glamoflauge

  1. I have this, too! Great product. It is in my top 3 of concealers: Glamoflauge, Smart Cover, and It Cosmetics. Let me know how it does with covering tattoos and what process you use if you happened to combine it with other products. The only thing that has worked for me truly is a product called Hide Ink.
    It’s the weekend – who knows what new finds it will bring us… woohoo!
    ❤ Michelle

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