Review: Shiseido The Skincare Tinted Moisture

This review is a part of a series in which I tested out several tinted moisturizers to find my favorite one. If the comparisons post among the tinted moisturizers isn’t up by the time I post this review, then please check back within a day or two and I’ll have it up.

About the product: Shiseido The Skincare Tinted Moisture has an SPF of 20 with its active sunscreen ingredients being titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. It is described as a “dewy, lightweight moisturizer that gives skin a hint of color and natural glow”.

Texture and Fragrance: The texture is a little moisturizing, not very creamy but still relatively easy to spread over the face.

Color and Coverage: The SA recommend “Medium 2” for me and it matches very well because of its yellow undertone. It’s not VERY yellow so if you had a neutral tone you can wear this as well. The coverage is sheer. It had more of a brightening effect than a covering effect.

Finish: The dry down time (until it was no longer sticky on my face) took over an hour. The finish was natural, leaning more towards dewy but I wouldn’t call it full-on dewy. Sometimes I noticed an initial white sheen that went away but sometimes I didn’t. I’m thinking it’s from the physical sunblock but it wasn’t as bad as putting on a mineral sunscreen.

Shiseido Tinted Moisture before and after (p.s. Latisse is doing wonders for my eyelashes!)

Throughout The Day:  It held up relatively well throughout the day. I didn’t notice any fading, which I normally don’t have a problem with makeup fading anyway. It didn’t make me oily throughout the day. I didn’t notice any color change or any oxidation as the day went on, which is great.

How I apply it: When testing out this product, I applied CHANEL sunscreen then the Shiseido tinted moisturizer and didn’t set it with powder. That gave me the results that I described above.

Overall thoughts:  I like this tinted moisturizer but not enough to buy the full sized product. It did look rather lovely on the face but just didn’t provide the coverage I wanted. This would be great for you if you have normal or normal/combo skin and could work for dry skin if you put on moisturizer underneath. If you are not looking for much coverage but would enjoy a brightening effect on your face, the Shiseido Tinted Moisture would be perfect.

♥ Tinna


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