Comparison and Results: Tinted Moisturizer Hunt

As a part of my hunt for a tinted moisturizer, I have reviewed Bobbi Brown Tinted Moisturizer Oil Free, Tarte Smooth Operator and Shiseido Tinted Moisture.

Image source: respective brands' websites

 Although I didn’t do a separate review on the Laura Mercier Oil Free Tinted Moisturizer, I included it because I’ve had Laura Mercier’s TM for a while. Laura Mercier is not my HG TM because I consider it more of a foundation than a tinted moisturizer. It gives great coverage but doesn’t contain any ingredients to help my skin. Also, I currently own the color “Sand” which is way too dark for my skintone at the moment so the SA gave me “Bisque” which is a little light but oxidizes enough to match my skintone later in the day.

Below, I have listed several important characteristics and the order in which the different tinted moisturizers rank.

Coverage (fullest):

  1. Laura Mercier
  2. Bobbi Brown
  3. Tarte
  4. Shiseido

Ingredients (spf, antioxidants):

  1. Tarte
  2. Bobbi Brown
  3. Shiseido
  4. Laura Mercier

Color (best color match):

  1. Tarte
  2. Shiseido
  3. Bobbi Brown
  4. Laura Mercier – Bisque
  5. Laura Mercier – Sand

Finish (most matte and natural):

  1. Bobbi Brown
  2. Laura Mercier
  3. Shiseido
  4. Tarte

In general:

  1. Bobbi Brown
  2. Tarte
  3. Laura Mercier – Bisque
  4. Shiseido
Bobbi Brown ended up being my favorite and one that I will be purchasing the full size version of when my sample runs out. It doesn’t give as much coverage as Laura Mercier but it comes pretty close and it has antioxidants in it, which was important to me. Tarte has great beneficial ingredients for the skin and I bought the full size version because I couldn’t conveniently obtain a sample to test it out. While it is not my favorite, I plan to keep it and use it on days when it isn’t too hot or humid.

♥ Tinna


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3 Responses to Comparison and Results: Tinted Moisturizer Hunt

  1. The Rebecca Elliston says:

    Have you tried converting from tinted moisturisers to bb creams? they kick tinted moisturisers arse!

    • I’m actually converting from BB creams to TM’s, haha. I haven’t found a BB cream that works with my yellow undertones..they’re either too pink or too neutral and it just doesn’t look right. Although, my Nanoce BB cream is the most yellow and sometimes I’ll use that one. 🙂

      • The Rebecca Elliston says:

        Banila co do some nice honey beige bb creams that a are pretty yellow. Let me dressed is getting some good feedback from it

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