Tribal Jewelry

Nicole Richie is famous for her iconic looks… I love her elegant-ethnic-boho-chic style and jewelry line House of Harlow 1960.

The tribal trend has continuously been part of my life when it comes to jewelry fashion.. I have purchased a few and some of them already broke or got lost >< (e.g.: Peruvian earrings, bracelets & rings from India and Brazil, African necklaces and bangles, etc…).  In South America handmade jewelry is very popular and they’re sold everywhere… on the streets, in shopping malls, at the beaches, etc… I can never get enough of them (plus: they’re unique and cheaper compared to high end brands).

I have picked some vintage modern jewelry for this Spring/ Summer season. They are not as cheap as the ones they sell in South America, but the quality looks definitely better.

Shop: | | |

I love handmade jewelry, and I think the beauty of them comes from each individual styles and different ethnicity behind them (each one is pretty in its own way).  Last year the FIFA world cup in Africa influenced a lot in fashion bringing a lot of inspirations to designers everywhere in the world. And this year the tribal-vintage-trend will continue to be a big hit!

Enjoy the slide show! ^^




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4 Responses to Tribal Jewelry

  1. Helen Chung says:

    The slide have very cool necklaces. I got some ideas for my necklace collection. Thanks!

  2. The picture of Nicole Ritchie (sp?) is gorgeous!
    ❤ Tinna

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